Special Announcements

I am no longer accepting new clients. Due to major life changes and medical conditions, Color Me Happy will cease operations 7/26/20. Thank you for the opportunity to ink your story.

Tattoo FAQ

Where are you located?

Color Me Happy is a privately owned home-based art and tattoo studio located in Kenmore, WA. Address will be sent to you via email prior to appointment.

What hours are you open?

I am open by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled Tues-Fri 10AM - 6PM, starting no later than 6PM. Sat 12PM - 4PM, starting no later than 4PM. Sun/Mon varies.

How do consultations work?

Consultations are free! We'll schedule a time for you to drop by and chat about your ideas. I also offer phone and video call consultations.

How much will a tattoo cost?

Tattoos are $100/hour with anything under one hour starting at $60, that would encompass tattoos like a single word or a small symbol. If you want something very tiny, like a semi-colon, I recommend combining it into the same session as a larger tattoo.

To book an appointment there is a $60 non-refundable deposit that will secure your spot and go towards the total cost of the tattoo. I cannot begin designing your tattoo until I have received a deposit.

Do you charge for touch-ups?

Generally, no. I guarantee my work and touch-ups are free. However, in the event a client does not follow the aftercare instructions and is neglectful of their tattoo during the healing process, I reserve the right to charge for services rendered.

What style do you specialize in?

I have a passion for intricate linework including tribal, art nouveau, and bohemian inspired designs. Shading wise, I am at home with bold blacks and full color pieces.

Do you do custom artwork?

Absolutely! I will work with you one on one to create something just for you!

What happens after I get a tattoo?

After the completion of a tattoo procedure you will be bandaged, given verbal and written aftercare instructions, and provided a complimentary aftercare kit free of charge.

I want to get a tattoo, how do I make an appointment?

All appointment inquiries can be sent to sori@colormehappy.tattoo. Please include the following:

  • Description of tattoo idea.
  • Body part the tattoo will be located on.
  • Approximate size of tattoo and any pertinent measurements including height, width, or circumference if encircling a limb.
  • Reference images to inspire creation of tattoo design. These are very helpful!

Can I call or text you?

Yes! Color Me Happy's phone number is (425)-578-0263. I am able to accept calls and texts.

Remember, consultations are free and there is a $60 non-refundable deposit to schedule an appointment.

Cover-Up Outreach

Tattoos are scars we choose to have. They are stories we want to tell.

Have you or a loved one survived a life changing trauma? Do you carry physical scars as a result of that trauma? Did you get a tattoo or other permanent marking under duress or coercion? Is it a constant reminder of a painful time in your life?

Color Me Happy can help.

Beginning in January 2019, Color Me Happy will offer sliding scale cover-ups for individuals who have survived traumatic physical and emotional experiences.

For more information, please request a consultation with “Cover-up Outreach” in the subject line.

This is a great cause! How can I help?

The transformative and healing power of quality, inspiring artwork should not be cost prohibitive. Donating to Color Me Happy is the best way to help me help more people. Unfortunately tattoo supplies still cost money, otherwise I would offer this service completely pro bono. Donate now to make a difference. With enough donations, I may be able to offer this service completely free of charge in the future!

Donate through Square or become a Patron!

About Me

My name is Sori Hastings and I’m the owner and artist of Color Me Happy, a private art and tattoo studio located in Kenmore, WA. I’ve held a lifelong passion for art since childhood which led me to working with skin as a canvas. I believe in the transformative power of tattoos. Tattoos are scars we choose to have, they are stories we want to tell. I’m excited to help you ink your story.


To request a consultation, schedule an appointment, or for more information please complete the following: